Message from the Managing Director

We started Garner Advisors to provide clear and actionable solutions to some of our most pressing global issues. Our generation's biggest challenge is how we create, distribute and consume energy without creating unnecessary harm to our shared environment.


By combining a market-driven approach with smart design, we aim to create whole-system shifts to cleaner and more resilient energy solutions. In doing so, we provide healthier alternatives for the families and communities where we work.

Thanks for joining us.

Dan Seals

Managing Director & CoFounder

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Dan is the Managing Director and cofounder of Garner Advisors. Dan works with nonprofits, multinational corporations, foundations and early-stage businesses to implement scalable solutions to social and environmental issues.

Prior to Garner, he led the creation of a company focused on providing alternative energy solutions in East Africa and the Caribbean.

Dan holds a BA from Dickinson. He is a member of The Explorers Club.

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